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KolorLast is serious protection!

Concrete treated with KolorLast is highly resistant to the harmful effects of salt, chemical and acid rain exposure. Another KolorLast benefit is that it’s much easier to remove liquid/food spills and rust marks—minimizing or preventing stains altogether.

KolorLast pavers are resistant to:

Onyx color pavers exposed to sunlight for several months.

What is KolorLast?

The KolorLast manufacturing process is a simple chemical reaction between two compounds. First, a special mixture of cement, aggregates, water and a proprietary chemical additive are mixed into dry-mix concrete that is pressed into molds with extreme pressure and heat. Then, as pavers are demolded, a proprietary water-based solution is sprayed on the surface where a chemical/molecular reaction creates the KolorLast protective layer. This new protective compound penetrates into the surface of the paver three to five millimeters deep. It can only be removed with heavy abrasion/wear.


KolorLast helps protect pavers from the destructive effects of wear, sun, salt, lawn chemicals, and the march of time.

Without KolorLast

Unprotected pavers will allow UV, water, grit, and chemicals to penetrate the surface, causing color to fade and the surface to breakdown.

KolorLast is available in these pavers:

*Onyx color Bullnose and Lamont pavers not included
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